How To Acquire Tokens

The VOY token sale is now active in Polygon, Ethereum and XDC. In order to acquire tokens you must first fill a request to be whitelisted in this form.
Once you are whitelisted you can enter the sales website which is
You are going to need a compatible wallet, like Metamask or Wallet Connect. You can acquire tokens by paying with ETH, USDC, or wBTC if you connect your wallet to the page and set it to the Ethereum Mainnet network. If you wish to pay with XDC, you must set it to the XinFin mainnet. You can also pay with Matic if you set up your wallet in Polygon.
Once you connect your wallet and you switch to the rigth network, you may see a warning if you are not whitelisted in that chain. Otherwise, you will see a button to acquire tokens.
If you press that button you can access a popup in which you can choose your desire asset (this depends on the chain you are currently connected on) and do your purchase.
After signing your transaction, your tokens will be minted and sent to a vesting smart contract. If you acquire tokens in Ethereum, this is immediate. If you acquire them in XinFin, the process may take some minutes.