How To Acquire Tokens v2

The VOY token sale is now active in Polygon, Ethereum, and XDC. In order to acquire tokens you must first complete KYC after connecting to the wallet

Once you are whitelisted you can start participating in sales.

Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Click "Connect Wallet"

  • Remember, the wallet you are connecting to here, will be the one that gets whitelisted after you fill out your KYC.

  • If you are new to the Crypto world, please ensure you are keeping the seed phrase of your wallet very securely stored. !!!DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE!!!


You are going to need a compatible wallet, like MetaMask or Wallet Connect. You can acquire tokens by paying with ETH, USDC, or wBTC if you connect your wallet to the page and set it to the Ethereum Mainnet network. If you wish to pay with XDC, you must set it to the XinFin Mainnet. You can also pay with Matic if you set up your wallet in Polygon.

Step 3 - Once you connect your wallet, the "Connect Wallet" button will turn to "Go to Dashboard" like below

Step 4 - "Click Go to Dashboard" and you will see the page below.

In the left side panel, you will see the options such as

  • KYC

  • Buy VOY

  • Transactions

  • Logout

KYC is the first section, you should go through to complete your KYC. After you submit these KYC details, it notifies Governance Committee for Review & Approval.

Please allow 6 to 12 hours time for us to revert back to your KYC.

Step 5 - Once you click "KYC" it will take you to KYC page and you are expected to fill the details

Step 6 - Following is the sample KYC form, which is required to be filled. Once you duly filled and submit, please wait for approval & whitelisting.

Step 7 - After whitelisting, you will be able to purchase VOY using the "Buy VOY" option. After your KYC is approved, you should be able to see a message like below in KYC.

Step 8 - Once you click "Buy VOY" you would see the below page. If you are connected to Ethereum Network, then ETH, USDT, and WBTC options would be enabled, Similarly, for Polygon, MATIC would be enabled.

After signing your transaction, your tokens will be minted and sent to a vesting smart contract. If you acquire tokens in Ethereum, this is immediate. If you acquire them in XinFin, the process may take some minutes.

Step 9 - Once you purchase a token, you may not see that in your wallet. Since these are tokens you have purchased/reserved. These Tokens will be distributed to your wallet three months after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Step 10 - Transactions will have all your transactions performed via this sale app.


  • Remember to Logout after you are finished with the purchase, or KYF filling, etc.

  • If you do not see your balance in the dashboard, don't panic. Always check, if your wallet is pointed to the right address(submitted in KYC).

  • If you find any mismatch, connect with us on the "Offical Telegram" channel.

Thanks for your support as always!!, we are happy to hear from you be it positive or constructive feedback to improvise and serve better!

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