Advantages of Voy Finance

Accessibility and Inclusion

Voy Finance application provides greater accessibility to trade finance for SMEs, particularly those traditionally underserved by traditional financial institutions. These platforms can operate globally, removing geographical barriers and enabling SMEs from any part of the world to access financing.

Automation and Efficiency

Voy Finance lending protocols utilize smart contracts to automate the lending process. This automation reduces the need for lengthy paperwork and manual verification, streamlining the approval and disbursement of trade finance. As a result, SMEs can access funds quickly, enabling them to seize time-sensitive trade opportunities.

Voy Finance uses blockchain technology that brings transparency to trade finance. All transactions and relevant information are recorded on the blockchain, providing an immutable and auditable trail of activities. This transparency helps mitigate fraud, enhances trust between counterparties, and enables better risk assessment for lenders.

Traditional trade finance often involves intermediaries such as banks and insurers, leading to significant fees and administrative costs. Voy Finance lending eliminates or minimizes these intermediaries, resulting in reduced costs for SMEs. Additionally, the automation of processes reduces the need for manual labor, further driving down operational expenses

Security and Risk Mitigation

Voy Finance application implement robust security measures, such as encryption and decentralized storage, to protect sensitive trade finance data. Furthermore, the use of smart contracts allows for the creation of programmable conditions and collateral mechanisms, reducing the risk of default and enhancing risk mitigation for lenders

Voy Finance provides multiple lending options to the SMEs based on the ESG score of their trade. Voy Finance introduces Green NFT bonds which are first of its kind in trade finance lending that encourages SMEs to take up trade that has less impact to the environmental sustainability. SMEs gets attractive interest rates based on their ESG Score.

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